About Entrepreneurial DNA

Watch this short preview video – then access the full course (Breakthrough Entrepreneurship) absolutely free at bosiDNA.com .  You’ll have to take the BOSI Assessment first!

Meet the crew

When I’m on the road doing my one-man-show speaking gigs, people always ask me about the team I work with back at the ranch. “Who are they, and what are they like?” They ask. “They’re all rockstars in their area of expertise” I say. “And they’re a ton of fun to be around“. But here’s […]

The future of entrepreneurship is bright!

While most of the world (thanks in great part to the media) worries and frets about the future of our country and world economy, I stay highly optimistic. Here’s why… I get to spend most of my working hours around entrepreneurs – the coolest and most energizing people on earth. You can’t help but be […]

I’m so excited!

It’s not quite as exciting as having a child, but it’s close… After years of fun (but painful) research, tons of false starts and failed initiatives, more money invested than I care to reflect on and a few exciting days in between, my blog gets to be bosidna’s first partner site. What’s a partner site? […]

Event Reflections…

Experiencing an “Aha!” moment is really fun, especially when you know one is coming – and when that moment leads to a breakthrough. Last week I presented the concepts of Entrepreneurial DNA and BOSI to a group of fifty folks in Chicago. Participants included a great mix of entrepreneurs, community leaders, people from the small […]

A new begining…

I’ve been blogging at JoeAbraham.com for a few years now. However, looking back on that content I just got the feeling that things were too “all over the place”. I had stuff on small government, entrepreneurship, chambers of commerce…you name it. It was just too hap-hazard (if you know what I mean). So, I’ve decided […]