The future of entrepreneurship is bright!

While most of the world (thanks in great part to the media) worries and frets about the future of our country and world economy, I stay highly optimistic. Here’s why… I get to spend most of my working hours around entrepreneurs – the coolest and most energizing people on earth. You can’t help but be […]

Calling all Chambers: Reinvent – Before it’s Too Late

Chambers of Commerce had a good twenty-five year run. After all, create a tiered membership structure with fees from around $300 to as high as $50,000 per year, multiply by a few hundred businesses, and you’re in business! For that, the Chamber was tasked with providing educational programming and networking, sending out a newsletter, publishing […]

Fighter Pilots and Entrepreneurs – what they need to have in common

Serial tech startup rock star, small business owner, consultant, church plant pastor – doesn’t matter. We’re all entrepreneurs. While we’re certainly wired differently and may start and run different ventures, we’re all part of the same species. So we share the same challenges – like how to deal effectively with stress. That’s why we’re currently […]

Event Reflections…

Experiencing an “Aha!” moment is really fun, especially when you know one is coming – and when that moment leads to a breakthrough. Last week I presented the concepts of Entrepreneurial DNA and BOSI to a group of fifty folks in Chicago. Participants included a great mix of entrepreneurs, community leaders, people from the small […]

The arrogance of the entrepreneurial “elite”

Every time I hear it, I want to wring their little necks! I’m talking about the arrogant and childish statement made by many of the entrepreneurial “elites” that goes a little something like this… “Not all business owners are really entrepreneurs…blah…blah..blah”. (They go on to pontificate why – but I mentally check out on their […]

CrowdPitch Chicago sponsored by Lendio

Scoring financing is one of the hottest topics in entrepreneurship and my new friends @lendio are doing their part to help entrepreneurs find the right funding sources. In addition to their subscription service that boasts 70+% funding rates, they sponsor cool events like this one. They invited me be on a panel for an innovative […]

VCs and MLMers share the same DNA?

“You’re crazy Joe, VC’s and MLMers have nothing in common.” Someone said to me. “After all, VCs fund highly scalable companies and take them public. MLMers sell potions and lotions door to door. How can they have anything in common?” Hmmm. Well, let’s dive a bit deeper than the stereotypes we all have been fed. […]

The Impact of Entrepreneurial DNA

What’s the big deal about Entrepreneurial DNA (or BOSI)? That’s a question I have been asked a few times already (and I’m sure I’ll be asked that question a thousand times again). Everything! Is my initial answer. But I know I need to qualify that claim. In the book, I describe some real-life scenarios in […]