A humbling reminder about the role of a mentor

It was exciting for sure – being announced as the top rated mentor in the eastern US for Founder InstituteĀ at the Founder Showcase in Mountain View, CA. On my flight back from San Francisco that night I was struck with the reality (and weight) of what it really means to be a mentor to these […]

Entrepreneurial DNA: The TED Talk

Once you’ve watch this, you’ve got some possible next steps 1. Take the BOSI Assessment (it’s free). There’s a “What’s your DNA” banner on this page in the sidebar. 2. Ask me a question or share some feedback. Use the contact form for that. 3. Invite me to share a talk at your next big […]

The dark side of Innovator DNA

Our data shows that 18% of BOSI Assessment takers show Innovator “I” as their Primary DNA. It’s wired into these individuals to be mad scientists. Highly creative people who care much more about changing the world than making a ton of money. They tend to be fairly introverted, overly trusting and make horrible business operators. […]

Will Chambers become relevant again?

I’m here sitting at the airport in Louisville, KY waiting to head back home to Chicago. Earlier today I had the opportunity to spend time with a group of Chamber execs attending the ACCE (American Chamber of Commerce Executives) Annual Convention. For years, I have been warning chamber execs that they need to reinvent or […]

Incubator Case Study

In 2010 a group of former NCAA Football players saw an opportunity. These athletes realized that in the history of football footwear, cleats had never been designed for specific positions on the field. Despite the different positions and needs of players on the field, everyone still wore the same replacement cleats. When you think about […]

2012 is shaping up nicely!

I was at a meeting yesterday with some of my favorite business allies in the Chicago area and I walked away enthused about the news I heard. Harriet Parker who runs the #1 Small Business Development Center in the state of IL (in # of startups) kicked off the meeting by talking about how busy […]

Build the people…

You’ve probably heard the saying “Build the people, and the people will build the business” (if you hadn’t hear that before, I’d like to take credit for it :-)). I was reflecting today on the people I’ve had a chance to work with in companies I have run. There’s a consistent thread of people-building that […]

The entrepreneur’s perspective on economic uncertainty

Here’s a segment from my roundtable chat with Craig Wortmann (CEO of Sales Engine and business school professor) and Eric Plantenberg (CEO of Freedom Personal Development). My takeaways from this session: – There will always be an excuse NOT to start your business. If you ask, people will be glad to give you all the […]

The REBEL Alliance is forming…

We all like to belong don’t we? None of us like to be the odd man out – standing on a soapbox ranting and raving to change the world – only to find oneself on a deserted island with a couple of sea gulls staring intently. For the last couple of years, I’ve felt that […]