The foundation of breakthrough marketing and lead generation

When I’m teaching the SB3D workshop around the world, marketing and lead generation is an area that all 4 entrepreneurial DNAs want to see improved in their business.

Here’s a segment from a program I recently did. This is the most fundamental question you can ask about your business – whether it’s a startup or a $5 billion enterprise. This is the key question I spend hours and hours working on with our portfolio companies. When we get this right, great results follow.

The key takeaways from this session for me are:

  • if you don’t invest the time and energy to answer the target question with great clarity, you cannot have great lead generation
  • Your competition is too lazy to do this work – so this is an opportunity for significant market advantage if you invest in it
  • The most important part of your answer will focus on a specific situation your prospect is in – for which you “hit it out of the park”. Find the situation, and you’re ready for the next step in the process