Chatting with a rockstar CEO

Here’s a segment from my chat with Eric Plantenberg, CEO of Freedom Personal Development. A company he started up in a closet (literally) and grew to 50,000 clients and millions of dollars a year in revenue.

My key takeaways from this piece:

– Not all entrepreneurs are wired like Eric. He has a unique entrepreneurial DNA that drives his decisions, strategy and modus operandi.

– Even though he inspires me in many ways, I don’t need to try to be him. The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is to try to copy-cat practices of other entrepreneurs. That, my friends, is the leading cause of frustration and failure in entrepreneurship.

– Entrepreneurship is about the journey, not the destination. Too many of us put everything else aside with the intent to work hard now – and play later. For a majority of business owners, that “play date” never comes. Ten, twenty and thirty years go by and we’re still sweating away at the wheel. Don’t let that happen to you. Do what Eric does (in your own way) and enjoy the ride!

– Some of your biggest critics and naysayers will be those closest to you. So design your plan, commit to it and execute regardless of how nuts people say you are. (The only exception to that rule is when your key advisors tell you you’re nuts!).

You can learn more about Eric and his company here.