Skinny Girl Bethenny – Another great entrepreneurial story

I have to admit, my wife and I enjoy watching her reality show.

We watched the season 2 finale last night and I couldn’t help but cheer for Bethenny the entrepreneur.

The way the story plays out, she’s had a colorful and challenging past. Some of it was well outside her control (lunatic parents etc) and much was within her control (personal choices).

But along the way, she didn’t lose her fight. She (just like any entrepreneur) had an a-ha moment one day. The light bulb went off when she saw an unmet need in the marketplace. In her case, it was the idea for low calorie margaritas targeting women.

Then came the game-changing step. She actually took action on the “idea”.

She did her homework, took tons of risks, did the entrepreneurial thing and launched her product.

A couple of years of great publicity later (appearing on Martha Stewart, Real Housewives and eventually her own show), her product is everywhere. It didn’t take long for the big guys in her industry to gobble her brand up for an alleged 120 million bucks.

I did some poking around and wasn’t surprised to find the blogosphere claims she “got lucky”. Any entrepreneur worth their salt would totally disagree with those idiot bloggers (regardless of whether you agree with her product line or not).

While others sit around and wait for a handout (or worse yet, never pull the trigger on their great business idea), she stepped out, took a risk and reaped the reward. None of it was “by accident” or “luck”.

It was old-fashioned entrepreneurial gumption. And for that, I applaud her!