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So What Does Joe Do All Day?


LZ360, Hoverpark and Lions Soccer Club are part of a youth sports and adult fitness portfolio Joe has built as a family legacy. He oversees and operates those businesses on a daily basis.


From large-scale events - to exclusive CEO retreats, Joe speaks to entrepreneurially-minded audiences across the globe. Feel free to contact Joe or speak with his speakers bureau

Non Profit Work

Joe serves on the board of GJI and CBF - both faith-based non profit organizations. In addition, Joe works with several entrepreneurship programs and incubators around the world.

Preview Joe's Session On The Brand Positioning Exercise

 - A critical and foundational step before building marketing or lead generation strategy.

This workshop was taught to a group of business owners with businesses ranging in size from $250,000 to over $100 million per year. This exercise is also covered in the book Entrepreneurial DNA

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